Bibliography of Archival Documents with links to original files

The following is the bibliography of archival documents listed in the back of The Struggle for Canadian Copyright, with links, where possible, to photographs of the original files. For additional information, or if you require access to files not hyperlinked here, contact sara.bannerman [at] for more information.

Source of all archival documents: Library and Archives Canada [LAC]

Canadian Labour Congress Fonds, MG28-I103
International Affairs Department files, R5699-68-5-E, microfilm reel H-403
Copyright Office/Consumer and Corporate Affairs Fonds, RG103:

Department of Agriculture Fonds, RG17 A-16, vol. 1655
Department of Communication Fonds, RG97 ACC-1992-93 115, box 117, file 4014-4
Department of External Affairs Fonds, RG25:

Department of Finance Fonds, RG19

  • Vol. 5167, file 8510-C785-1, pts. 1 and 2
  • Vol. 5168, file 8510-C785-3, pts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

Department of Industry, Trade, and Commerce Fonds, RG 20, vol. 91, file 22655, vol. 1

Department of Justice Fonds, RG13:

  • A-2, vol. 2279, file 1895-155
  • A-2, vol. 2361, file 1912-1424, pt. 4
  • A-2, vol. 2361, file 1912-1494, pts. 1 and 2
  • A-2, vol. 85, file 892-217
  • Vol. 2158, file 1918-115

Office of the Governor General of Canada Fonds, RG7:

Prime Ministerial Fonds, MG26:

  • Prime Minister Abbott fonds (MG26 C), vol. 5, file: “Copyright”
  • Prime Minister Borden fonds (MG26 H), microfilm reels C774, C4374, and C4375
  • Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier fonds (MG26 G), vol. 33, microfilm reel C-745
  • Prime Minister Macdonald fonds (MG26 A)
  • Prime Minister Mackenzie King fonds (MG26 J1), microfilm reels C2316, C2302, and C2303
  • Prime Minister Meighen fonds (MG26 I), microfilm reel C3452

Privy Council Fonds, RG2 (to access orders-in-council, see also the On-Line Research Tool at
Public Service Commission Fonds, RG32, vol. 318, file: “Doré, Victor”
Secretary of State Fonds, RG6:

Sydney Fisher Fonds, MG27II D25, vol. 3